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By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: An analyst news digest for Borland Customers

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Piper Jaffray
Company Note February 12th, 2003

OUTPERFORM  Volatility: Medium
Upgrading from MP to OP; Acquisition On Track;
Stock@ 15x 2004 EPS
We are upgrading BORL from Market Perform to Outperform. Based on recent checks with the channel and Customers, we believe Company/Product integration is on track with and integrated product shipping this quarter  ( 1+ quarters ahead of our original expectations), and that current valuation more then reflects TogetherSoft/Starbase intergration risks.

Borland Strategy

Frank Slootman
Frank Slootman
Senior Vice President of Software Products

Borland Integration Strategy - Better Software Faster

Borland has embarked on a series of strategic acquisitions to innovate through integration. Customers have plenty of choice in terms of individual tools throughout the application life cycle.  Truth is most tools are blissfully unaware of one another, tool boundaries impede the work flow and most customers and system integrators would gladly trade point product feature sets for stronger integration between tools across the application life cycle. Integration is a broad idea, so let's apply some perspective.

Menu or touch point integration
Application Lifecycle Management

The ability to invoke one tool from within another tool is quite common using open tool APIs. It has long been possible for example to check files in and out of a version control system from within Borland JBuilder. While useful, it has drawbacks in terms of load times, maintaining context and managing screen real estate.

Embedded integration

Embedded integration erases tool boundaries completely. One tool looks like a feature set of another. Load times are quick, screen real estate is efficiently used, and the user experience is completely seamless and optimized. Borland recently achieved this with JBuilder 8 and Optimizeit 5 and set a new standard for how tools integration should be done.

Synergistic integration

But the opportunity is still greater. Combining tools often leads to new functionality which erases old product categories and gives rise to new ones. For example, the combination of editors and compilers led to new features such as CodeInsight (TM) now found in all Borland's IDE products. Design tools now synchronize live with source code. The ability to associate defects with source files has inextricably linked version control with defect tracking tools. The history of software products is one of aggregation, and it will be no different in the application life cycle realm.

In the end, tools will emerge as complete, seamlessly integrated suites that address the full application lifecycle from inception to delivery of enterprise software. Integration will enable organizations to deliver better software faster which is what it is all about.



The product:
A testing tool for J2EE applications that provides detailed component-level performance analysis of JDBC, JSP, JNDI, EJB and JMS invocations to gain a system wide view of J2EE performance

New features:
  • Automatic Application quality Analyzer- a feature unique that identifies hidden coding, ensuring developers are meeting performance and reliability standards.
  • J2EE System Dashboard- provides a quick glance into system to indicate where resources are being consumed.
Customer feedback:  "At Digital Rum, J2EE performance is mission critical. Thanks to Optimizeit ServerTrace, we were able to double our application throughput by fixing a single problem and to diagnose problems that previously took over a day in just 15 minutes," said Mike Mason, head of Infrastructure, Digital Rum. "By profiling our applications in staging we are able to deploy with the confidence that everything is behaving as expected - if you are serious about J2EE performance, this is a must-have tool."


- Problem resolution time reduced from days to minutes; can provide customer testimony
- Verifies that applications meet performance, reliability and scalability requirements

J2EE QA and test teams, including SI and pre-production staging

Optimizeit ServerTrace is available now, with a starting price of $20K. 
For more information, visit:


The product:
A studio consisting of JBuilder 8 Enterprise, Optimizeit Suite 5.0, Together Edition for JBuilder  6.0 , JDataStore 6, and Borland Enterprise Server, 5.2, App Server Edition

- Eliminated Rational content of the studio, ALL Borland studio
- Tight touch point and embedded integration

Senior J2EE developers and architects

February 25, 2003
$6999 / named user


The product:
A new Together product providing best-of-breed modeling, pattern support, audits, metrics, and documentation specifically for teams building software with JBuilder.

- Full LiveSource support synchronizes designs, audits and metrics from Together with JBuilder source code.
- Replaces Rose as the modeling solution for Borland JBuilder users.
- Ability to open JBuilder projects from within Together.

Architects, analysts, developers, and product/project leaders.

Mid February
$3999/ named user


The product:
A requirements management system that manages each requirement as an object. CaliberRM's central repository for managing requirements allows project teams to define and organize requirements more completely through attributes, track the relationships between requirements, share requirement information with the entire team and communicate changes to the requirements easily.

New features:
  • License Management
  • Automatic network installation and upgrade


- helps project teams to accurately identify, track, manage and communicate the changing requirements of a project
- provides project teams with insight on the impact of potential requirement changes on the project scope, schedule and budget before those changes are accepted

Analysts, Architects, Managers, Product/Project Leads, Developers

CaliberRM v4.2 available NOW, named user license $1499
concurrent user license $4999, server license $9999


The product:
Analyzes CPU and memory usage for .NET managed code

New Features:
  • CLR overview
  • Memory profiler
  • CPU profiler


- Provides insight into the way code is executed within CLR to identify code level performance issues

.NET developers

End of February
Price is: $699/ named user


The product:
Complete development solution for .NET; based on C# with full support for the Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WinForms, and WebForms. Encompasses the entire application lifecycle and supports heterogeneous mixed stack Enterprise environments with both application and Enterprise database integration

- Provides the only complete Enterprise Application Lifecycle solution for .NET Design, Requirements, Development, Change Management, and Testing.
- Focused on mixed heterogeneous environments, with interoperability with multiple vendors and technologies.
- Accelerates .NET development by tightly integrating the design and development phases.

Enterprise development teams in heterogeneous environments particularly mixed Java/Microsoft/Oracle/IBM environments.

Summer, 2003


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