Converting a Delphi VisiBroker 3.3 app to Delphi 7 VisiBroker 4.5

By: Angel Martinez

Abstract: Explains how to use tlibimp to convert VisiBroker 3.3 tlb files to Corba IDL


How can I migrate my Delphi VisiBroker 3.3 code to use Delphi 7 and VisiBroker 4.5?


In Delphi 7 you can use the command line tool: tlibimp to convert your VisiBroker 3.3 tlb files to Corba IDL. Type the following at the command line:
(Keep in mind that the path depends on where your tlb file is located and substitute MyTLBFile.tlb with the name of the type library file you wish to convert)

C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Projects\Corba\>tlibimp -Ic+ MyTLBFile.tlb

The files that are generated are: MyTLBFile_TLB.dcr, MyTLBFile_TLB.pas and MyTLBFile_TLB.idl. You can now use the Client/Server wizards and pass in the newly created IDL file to generate the stubs and skeletons. Now all that must be done is to transfer the code from the VisiBroker 3.3. application to the new VisiBroker 4.5 application in Delphi 7.

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