How to Convert a String of Integers into an Array of Byte.

By: Justin Swett

Question: How can I create an array of byte values that correspond to an integer string of arbitrary length?

Suggestion: The best solution is to dynamically create an array of byte that has length equal to that of the string. Once you have your array you can fill the array with the values from the string, however there is some offset since the ascii representation of the character '1' isn't equivalent to 1. Below is a sample of how one might return an array of byte:

  //dynamic array type for Array of Byte
  TByteArr = array of byte;

function ArrOfByte(AStr: String): TByteArr;
  i: integer;
  SetLength( Result, Length(AStr));
  for i := 0 to Length(AStr) - 1 do
    Result[i] := ord(AStr[i + 1]) - 48;

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