dbExpress InterBase 6.5 driver for Delphi 6 available

By: John Kaster

Abstract: The Delphi 6 registered users site now has the dbExpress driver for InterBase 6.5

dbExpress Interbase 6.5 Driver download

The Delphi 6 Registered users web site now has the updated dbExpress InterBase 6.5 driver available for download. If you have also installed C++ Builder 6 Professional or Enterprise, you do not need to download this file, as it is included with the install of C++ Builder 6.

Readme file

Delphi 6
InterBase Driver Update Patch
Release Note


Issue resolved by this patch

This patch installs new versions of the InterBase libraries,
bringing these files into alignment with the previously
installed InterBase unit and the documentation provided with
your original installation.


This self-extracting, self-executing Update Pack refreshes
the following files in your current Delphi 6 installation:

\Delphi6\Bin\dbexpint.dll and

Copyright (c) 2002 Borland Software Corporation.
All rights reserved.

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