InterBase 6.5 is now available!

By: Jon Arthur

Abstract: InterBase 6.5 delivers new features, security and stability for robust database application development.

To our valued InterBase customers, it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of InterBase 6.5 Server Edition. The InterBase team has had a very successful year and we have an aggressive development schedule planned for 2002.

With Borlands certified builds of InterBase 6.5 you will enjoy the added security of knowing that the product you are relying on has been tested and reviewed by a seasoned internal staff of engineers and is supported as a valued Borland product. InterBase is bundled and ships with all Borland tools.

With 6.5 your existing 6.0 licenses will continue to work and your upgrade purchase is simply the new media kit. There are no price increases and we continue to offer the same high standards of technical support as with all Borland development environments.

We are always enhancing InterBase and continue to collect customer feed back to make sure we are developing features that bring value to our broad customer base. We will continue to update the opensource tree with many bug fixes that will assist developers with the opensource version. New features found in InterBase 6.5 will be available only with the certified version.

There are many benefits to the certified shipping version of InterBase 6.5. The difference between what's on SourceForge and what we will be shipping is substantial and offers noticeable value. InterBase 6.5 includes IBReplicator, a replication engine that brings huge benefits to large companies and remote users alike. A fully supported ODBC driver is also included. InterClientTM 2.5, IBXTM and IBConsoleTM are still there and better than ever. Plus, InterBase 6.5 offers a host of new features, such as Enhanced Metadata security, VLDB Support (64 bit I/O), Asynchronous Statement Cancel and XML Data-generation. InterBase 6.5 Server Edition has also undergone extensive testing: with 15 years of test suites created and more being added, we are able to offer a very stable product backed by an in-house staff of experienced QA and R&D engineers.

With this new version of InterBase you will enjoy added features and functionality. InterBase 6.5 can be the database solution for large organizations and small businesses alike. We at Borland are committed to making InterBase the best possible cross-platform embedded database that allows you to—Embed, Deploy, and Relax.


Jon Arthur, Director of InterBase

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