SOAP and DataSnap papers

By: Bob Swart

Abstract: This article shows different ways for a SOAP server application (in Delphi 6 or Kylix 2 Enterprise) to use a SOAP Data Module to "export" datasets to a SOAP client application using a SoapConnection component. By Bob Swart.

I recently tried to create a multi-tier application using a combination of SOAP and DataSnap. I used a SOAP Data Module on one side (the SOAP server) and a SoapConnection component on the other side (the SOAP client).

Unfortunately, I encountered a problem using the URL property of the SoapConnection component. It turned out to be a mistake in the on-line help of Delphi 6 (you need to pass the interface name after /soap -- unless you're using a Web App Debugger target), but now it works fine for me if I do it my way.

Since then, Kylix 2 was announced, and I've downloaded and installed the 60-day trial edition of Kylix 2 Enterprise to play with SOAP and DataSnap in Delphi 6 Enterprise as well as Kylix 2 Enterprise -- in order to create cross-platform distributed applications.

The fruits of my experiments -- SOAP/DataSnap from Windows to Linux and back -- have resulted in a set of papers. Well, it's basically one paper, produced dynamically by an "old-fashioned" WebBroker application, with a number of dynamic options that can turn it into 14 (slightly) different papers. All describing how to build a SOAP DataSnap server (using Delphi 6 Enterprise or Kylix 2 Enterprise), for a specific Web server target, with a specific database/table, and for a specific SOAP Client (again, using either Delphi 6 Enterprise or Kylix 2 Enterprise).

The place to see the overview of all 14 papers and make your individual selection is

Currently, I'm planning to add examples for dbExpress (using InterBase IBLocal) for both Delphi and Kylix, increasing the number of combinations even further.

Feedback and other suggestions are welcome by e-mail, of course. Thanks in advance!

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