Try the new and improved CodeCentral

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Test out the new beta version of CodeCentral. It's significantly faster than before, and has a few enhancements.

After running into some strange problems late last week with CodeCentral, I decided now would be as good a time as any for some long-needed improvements. I once again asked Jeff Overcash to help with it while I was testing some changes to the Delphi 6 patch.

Jeff, as usual, did a great job. CodeCentral now has connection pooling, corrected author summary listings, and author submission listings in most recent order. Not everything is using connection pooling yet, but searches in particular should be significantly faster.

CodeCentral will also attempt to match your community cookie by user id first instead of email address, so you can change your email address and not lose control of your previous submissions. I still have to fix the database for the duplicates that currently exist. That will be done as soon as possible.

Please give it a test run and leave messages in the CodeCentral newsgroup with any complaints, kudos, or suggestions. Thanks!

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