Why does the Print method of a JdbTable only print out a partial set of data from the dataset?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: JdbTable is a container that displays a portion of data from the dataset, but is not the dataset itself.


In JBuilder 5 I have an application which uses a JdbTable to display data from my dataset, but when I call the Print method (implemented in java.awt.Container), only the first page of my dataset is printed to my Printer. Why does it not print out the entire table?


The JdbTable is a data-aware component that is used to display data from a datasource (e.g. query). The JdbTable is not the datasource (which contains all of your data), the JdbTable displays only a subset of data from the dataset, depending on the specific display properties set within the component. In otherwords, the reason that you are only able to print out a single page is because only a single page of information is viewable (from the JdbTable) To see this behavior, you can modify the rowHeight property to a smaller amount to display more rows from the dataset, and then reprint it. You will see that more rows are printed now that more rows are viewable in the JdbTable.



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