How to use the Find Error entry under the search heading of the menu bar.

By: Kendall Sullivan

Abstract: The article describes how to use the Find Error feature.


How do I use the Find Error tool?


If you are getting an AV, and are not sure what line this is happening on. You can use this feature to help scope down where this error might be occurring. This is especially helpful for tracking down, those irregular AV's.

The first thing to do when the AV occurs, is to write down the address. This Hex address we are interested in is the number that occurs in this sentence: "Access violation at address 0043F156 in module..." However, to use this properly, the application must be in Debug mode.

You can put the application into debug mode; by setting a break point some place in the application. Next, go to Search -> Find Error, after selecting this, a dialog window will show up. Put the Hex address number in the box "0043F156".

You actually don't need to put in the 004; this number specifies the preferred load address of the compiled image. You can check this number by going to Project->Options, then viewing the linker tab. It will appear in the Memory sizes portion off of the Linker tab.

Now hit the OK button, it should stop on the line that caused the error.

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