BORDBK50.DLL is missing or not registered.


What do I do about the error "BORDBK50.DLL is missing or not registered"?


If the installation does not complete then the cause of the problem is likely due to a software conflict. Some anti-virus software and certain NT Internet Services have been known to prevent bordbk50.dll from being registered with the operating system. In this case the best solution is to try eliminating the software in question and then try reinstalling Delphi 5.

If that is not a viable solution, try manually registering the bordbk50.dll (or borbdk51.dll if you have installed the update pack). Search for this file on your machine to verify that you have it. It is most likely in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Debugger. Run TREGSVR manually to register the dll. TREGSVR can be found in the Delphi5\bin directory. To register the DLL open a DOS window and change to the directory where bordbk50.dll is located, then type:

tregsvr bordbk50.dll

You may also need to include the full path to the location of tregsvr.

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