Image feathering lab report

By: Earl F. Glynn

Abstract: This article demonstrates how to merge a foreground and background image by fading from one image to the other, but only along a transition edge drawn with a simple drawing tool.

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Foreground Background Feathered Image

Keywords:  feathering, vignette, foreground image, background image, bitmap tiling, BMP, JPG, GIF, TGIFImage, TPicture, JPG to BMP conversion, BMP to JPG conversion, JPEG Quality, KeyPreview, rubber band line, MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUp, object translation, ClientToScreen, ScreenToClient, Simple Drawing Tool, TList, TVectorGraphicsList, TVectorGraphicsNode, TRectangleNode, TRoundRectangleNode, TEllipseNode, TDrawingTool, TDrawingHandle,  object "handles", RestrictCursorToDrawingArea, Windows.ClipCursor, SquareContainsPoint, Windows.PtInRect, Marching Ants, LineDDA, TPenStyle, TLogBrush, Geometric Pens, ExtCreatePen, PS_GEOMETRIC, PS_ENDCAP_SQUARE, TCombBox, OnDrawItem, Scanline, TRGBTripleArray, blur, invert, Clipboard, CF_BITMAP, Clipboard.HasFormat, TControlCanvas, cropping, flip, reverse, Delphi 5

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