What are LME linker errors, and how are they resolved?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Resolving LME linker errors.

I am working with a large project and it started generating LME linker
errors.  Why is this occurring, and are there any workarounds?

LME (Linker Memory Errors), usually result from the linker failing to allocate
enough memory to perform its operations. These error usually only occur with
very large projects.

 1. Increase the amount of virtual memory (even if it is a lot, try increasing it).
 2. Disable state files (this pretty much will disable the incremental linker).
     - On that note, you should delete any *.il files in your project directory.
 3. Break up some of your project into DLLs to relieve the stress to the linker.
 4. Possibly a problem in your project related to conflicting calling conventions
     between a project and a dll.

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