Kylix and JBuilder Notes from Linux Business Expo

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Some pictures and press links from Linux Business Expo November 13 - 17, 2000 at COMDEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

by John Kaster, Borland Developer Relations

November 13th to 17th, Borland hosted two booths at the Linux Business Expo at COMDEX 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We had presentations usually on the hour, showing our progress on Project Kylix. On every other half-hour, we showed JBuilder 4, the current release of our pure Java cross-platform development solution (which includes the Linux platform).

Is there a trend?

Last year at this same show, we already had JBuilder running on Linux, but we didn't see the crowds we did this year. It could be due to the smaller booth last year, but we also didn't get a lot of people interested in development solutions for Linux. Last year, it seemed that most of the attendees (and it was crowded last year, too) were more interested in finding out what they could do with Linux. This year, it appears that most of the attendees were ready to start working Linux support, and wanted to learn about the development tools that are available for Linux.

They Like What They See

We had tremendous response to both JBuilder and Project Kylix both in our theater demonstrations and at our individual demo stations. There was rarely a time when our machines were not in use -- and it was usually at the start of the day or very end of the day.

For example, while Geoff Goetz, one of our Sales Engineers, was demonstrating JBuilder to a packed theater, I was wandering around behind the theater, and found a show attendee playing with the Kylix IDE. I asked him if he had any questions. He just smiled and said "No," and continued playing with the IDE.

After about 2 minutes, he stood up and backed away from the computer, glanced at me, and told me, "This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen on Linux," turned around, and walked away. It was a lot of fun being at the show.

A Flurry of Press Coverage

Our booth wasn't the only place things were hopping for us at the show. The press was extremely interested in Kylix and JBuilder. Here's a short list of some of the press coverage we had.

Linux Development

Gnome and Kylix

KDE and Kylix

A pictures worth ... well, a lot of words

Here's some of the pictures taken with my camera at the show.

John showing Kylix Tom Theobald, one of our RAD Group Product Managers, took some pictures of me doing a Kylix demo early in the week
John again We kept drawing more in as the demos went on.
CodeInsight This picture includes a screen shot of the new CodeInsight look, some feature work for Delphi 6 that automatically made it into the Kylix build. The CodeInsight box is resizable (and persistent), and automatically filters the selection list as you type. It also colorizes various items in the list, and helps reduce typing even further than it used to when you select an item from the list. It also has additional intelligence for showing you items specific to what you're doing. However, I have to leave some surprises for later, so 'nuff said.
Kylix crowd A better shot of the crowd.
Bigger crowd More of the crowd
Behind the theater A shot from behind the theater, so you can see the crowd is really paying attention.
Popcorn, putting, T-shirts and bags People were lined up outside our satellite booth to putt for T-shirts with a Borland putter, get Borland bags (looks like lots of them came over right from seeing .Net presentations, doesn't it?), and a bag of popcorn to fortify them for the rest of the show.
Take a load off! Our extra booth was called the "Borland take a load off lounge", where you could relax on bean bags (tie-dye, naturally), and eat your popcorn after winning your T-shirt.
After the demos After the demos, we gave away T-shirts and took profile forms that we used in our daily drawings, where we gave away two Borland-branded Santa Cruz skateboards, and two copies of JBuilder 4 Enterprise (a US $2999 product).
Handing out T-shirts Toni Gehrman (the quick-moving blur) and Geoff Goetz handing out T-shirts after my demo
JBuilder 4 on Linux Here's a shot of Geoff demonstrating JBuilder 4. He usually showed how simple, fast, and easy it is to create, deploy, and manage Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) with JBuilder 4 Enterprise and Borland Application Server.
Geoff still going Geoff still drawing the crowd for JBuilder 4
Still going Geoff still doing a great job with his demo. Looks like the EJB wizards are on the screen. Sorry for the bad shot.
Tom's Kylix demo Tom Theobald getting started with a Kylix demo.
Sung and JBuilder Some attendees looking at JBuilder 4 with Sung Nguyen, another of our Sales Engineers
Live Linux Penguins Even Penguins are living la vida Linux
Tuesday JBuilder demo Geoff doing another demo on the second day of the show. The crowds never stopped.
Rapt audience Except for one woman who clearly needed more sleep the night before, the whole audience is quite intent on what JBuilder 4 can do.
Penguin super heroes Who was that caped Penguin?

More to come

As we get closer to releasing Kylix (we're planning on it being available in the first quarter of 2001), we'll be showing it in additional places and posting more information on our web sites. For an exhibition near you, check our Events Calendar.

I hope you gleaned some new technical information from this article, but I mainly wrote it to show the community our presence and COMDEX and share a little bit of the fun we had at the show.

Enjoy, John Kaster

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