Delphi 5 is unable to start due to problems with a missing export in a .BPL file.

By: Corbin Dunn

Abstract: For example: "The VCLX5.BPL file is linked to missing export VCL50.BPL:@Forms@Finilization$qqrv""

When I try to start Delphi 5, I get an error about:
"The VCLX5.BPL file is linked to missing export VCL50.BPL:@Forms@Finilization$qqrv"
or something very similar to this. How can I fix this problem?

This problem typically occurs when you have a corrupted .bpl file on your system. The solution is to uninstall Delphi, search for any BPL's on your system (a good search query would be: *50.bpl), and delete the files. If you don't want to delete them (because you may have some custom .bpl's on your system), copy them to a temporary folder that is on your desktop (it will not be on your system path so they won't cause any problems). Then, reinstall Delphi.

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