SCO InterBase Performance is Slow (excessive disk access)

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Slowness might be due to the system swapping

The customer complains that performance is slow  and that disk access is excessive.

Run the 3 following commands :

sar -u  2 10

  verify that the WIO value is greater that 30.  If it is not, the customer is not suffering from excessive disk access (generally < 30% is acceptable).

vmstat -s 

  verify that the system is not  swapping  by checking the pages on swap category.
  If this number is a high value, swapping is probably occuring.  If swapping is occuring,
  it is advisable to add more RAM to your computer.

sar -b  2 10

  check     %rcache     %wcache 

   If the %rcache is less than 90% or  the %wcache is less than 60%  the preformance can probably
   be improved significantly by tuning the SCO Unix kernel parameter NBUF to a larger value.

   See the SCO help documentation for more information on Performance Tuning.

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