Can I access the InterBase API without using C?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: The API can be accessed from any API

Where Can I find an easy solution for using the API commands
without using C ?

Note: This information refers to InterBase version 5.X.

"The package FreeIBComponents, which is downloadable from
or, contains a Delphi file ibase.pas, which declares all the
InterBase API entry points for use in Delphi projects.  

The InterBase API can also be called from COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Ada,
etc... any language that can link with a dynamic library (aka DLL or shared
library).   The InterBase API is designed to exclude the use of
language-specific structures, to remain as open as possible to multiple

A precompiler (gpre) is required to embed InterBase API function calls in any of the
supported programming languages.  A license for the "PreCompiler Capability" must
be obtained in order to use this facility.  The precompiler translate generic API calls
to language specific function calls.

There is a Java class package called InterClient that you can download from
our web site.  There is a Perl module that you can download from our web
site.  These are not API interfaces, they are more high-level, object
oriented interfaces, to the InterBase API."

source: Bill Karwin

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