BLR errors when running UDF's from ib_udf.dll

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: IB_UDF.DLL relies on IB_UTIL.DLL

I am getting BLR errors, followed by errors about entry point or module not defined when
I try to use string functions included with ib_udf.dll that ships with InterBase 5.6.  What
am I doing wrong?

The ib_udf.dll has functions in it that rely on the memory management functions
that are in ib_util.dll.   If you copy ib_util.dll into the interbasebin directory, you should be
able to use the functions in ib_udf.dll successfully.  

Just in case you forgot how to define these functions in your database, here
is a quick recap of how to do that:

1.  Open ib_udf.sql that ships in the interbaseexamples directory.
2.  Add a line to connect to your database at the beginning of the file.
3.  Save the file.
4.  Run the ib_udf.sql through WISQL or ISQL.
5.  Issue a 'commit' command to save the function definitions to the database.

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