How can I find the file that houses data for my external table?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Showing metadata will allow you to see where the external file is created.

I used the syntax listed below to create an external table: 

Create  table Fred external file "deleteme.txt"
(  Warehouse char(10),
   Partnumber char(18),
   deliverTo char(13),
   EOL char(2)

Later in my application, I am inserting data into this file.  
I am not sure how to find the file on disk that will house my data.  

Note: This information applies to InterBase 5.5

InterBase assumes that you want to write to the current working directory if you do not specify
a directory to place the external file in.   You can find out where InterBase is writing your data to 
by doing a show metadata on the table using either ISQL or Windows ISQL.   

Here is an example creating an external table without providing a full pathname for
the external file.

*** First create the table without a full pathname ***
D:workbbandy>isql nuschler:d:workemployee.gdb
Database:  nuschler:d:workemployee.gdb
SQL> create table ext_blah external file 'ext_blah.table' (i1 integer);
SQL> commit;
SQL> exit;

*** use ISQL's show table to view the full pathname for the external file ***
D:appsib6.0beta1>isql nuschler:d:workemployee.gdb
Database:  nuschler:d:workemployee.gdb
SQL> show table ext_blah;
I1                              INTEGER Nullable

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