Repairing checksum errors

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Restore from a backup that does not have the error

What to do in the event of a checksum error

If  InterBase detects a checksum error during a validation, 
you receive a Server Manager Error indicating the checksum
problem and the database page where the problem was 
detected.  At this point the validation does not continue.

If you receive this type of error during a validation,
enable the Ignore Checksum Errors option and run the
validation again to look for other errors.

Restore the backup that you created prior to the validation.
If there has been any activity on the database since the
beginning of the validation, you must shut down the 
database, back it up, and restore to repair the checksum 

After restoring the database, validate it again with the Ignore
Checksum Errors option off, to confirm that the errors have
been repaired.

Note:  Checksums are maintained only on the Windows NT,
Netware NLM, and Local Server versions of InterBase.
UNIX versions do not maintain checksums.

Source: Courseware Manual - InterBase

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