QNA about Short Term Memory Pool on Novell

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: InterBase write data in and out to the short term memory pool bigger than Novell recommends by default

General information about short term memory pool 
on Novell settings when InterBase is not known.

Note: this information applies to the use of the InterBase NW-V4.0A(4) kit
running on Netware 3.12

Question 1.  Why do I have to modify the short term memory pool?

Because we write data in and out of there that is bigger than 
Novell recommends by default.

Question 2.    InterBase is not the only thing running on this system.  
                         Will 8 megs be enough short term  memory pool?

Answer :
If you have more than 2 connections or want to query more than 
1 table, probably not.  Try adding more memory.

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