Vendor Initialization Failed error when trying to start InterBase application

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: 6 different cause for the error Vendor Initialization Failed when connecting to InterBase

When an application tries to start it gets the error:

Vendor Initialization Failed
Idapi Service Library

And complains that it cannot find gds32.dll

Things to check are:

1) check Registry for InterBase entries:

2) Make sure gds32.dll is in the propert location (It should be in the windowssystem 
     directory for win95 and the winntsystem32 directory for NT)

3) Make sure that the gds32.dll is the correct version for the installed kit.  
     The registry entries for InterBase will tell you the installed version.  Make 
     sure that the gds32.dll has the same version.  In win95 and NT4.0 you can 
     right mouse click on the gds32.dll file and select the properties menu option.  
     This will bring up a dialog which will tell you the version of the dll.

4) Make sure that the file msvcrt40.dll exists in the system directory.  This file 
     is required for InterBase to operate.  This file is installed by the operating 
     system on NT4.0, but not with NT 3.51 or win95.  The InterBase installation 
     will install this file on these operating systems. 

BDE specific suggestions:
1) connect with wisql to see if InterBase is setup properly.  If the wisql connection 
     is successful that would suggest that the BDE is improperly configured.

2) Make sure that the database and InterBase files reside on local drives.  InterBase 
     will not operate when either the InterBase files or the database file reside on a 
     mapped drive.

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