Running InterBase as service vs. running it as an application

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Describes the differnces/trade-offs betewwn running as a service and as an Application under NT

What are the differences/trade-offs between running InterBase as a 
service and running it as an application on NT?

The information in this article applies to:
  * InterBase v4.x for Win95/NT
  * InterBase v5.x for Win95/NT

Running as a Service:
    1) NT will start the InterBase service automatically (if so configured) 
        at bootup time.

    2) A user does NOT have to be logged in for the InterBase server to 
        accept connections

    3) Starting and stopping the service must be accomplished through the 
        control panel, command-line tool (instsvc), or through the InterBase
        configuration utility.

    4) You can assign a user for the service to run as (runs as "System" 
        by default)

Running as an application:
    1) A user must be logged in to the NT server before the InterBase 
        application will run.  The InterBase server will not run when 
        no user is logged in. It will also shutdown when the current user 
        logs out.

    2) InterBase server appears as an icon on the desktop

    3) InterBase server runs as user who is locally logged in so that user must have 
        permissions to the directories where the InterBase files and the 
        databases reside.

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