Using the bridge of HP-V4.0B(2) kit on HP-UX 10.x

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Describes how to upgrade database from HP-V4.0B(2) to HU-V4.0G

How to convert a v3.3 database on HP-UX 10.x since InterBase HU-V4.0G does not 
have a bridge to v3.3 version databases.

IB v4.x
IB v3.3

HP-V4.0B(2) was tested and certifed by InterBase QA on HP 9.05; HU-V4.0G was 
tested and certified on HP 10.20 and 10.01.  Therefore, we recommend that 
all customers backup and restore all of their v3.3 databases with HP-V4.0B(2) 
to move them to the v4.0 format, then install HP 10.20 and InterBase HU-V4.0G.

The following method uses the bridge on HP9 as a migration utility to convert a
v3.3 database to a v4 database on HP10.  Our use of this method is based on HP's
statement that HP9 and HP10 are binary compatible with each other.  

Here are the steps:

1. Install both HP-V4.0B(2) and HU-V4.0G on the same HP10 machine by 
   following the installation notes included with both releases.

2. Make a copy of the original database. (The 3.3 database in this case.)

3. Follow these steps to run the HP-V4.0B(2) kit:

   a. Make sure no one is accessing the system remotely:

               ps -ef | grep inet | grep -v grep
      If you see any gds_inet_server processes, do a kill -15 on them.

   b. Drop the existing lock manager process and remove the semaphore values:

              gds_drop -a 

   c. Check for shared memory and remove any shared memory, as in the
              following example:

              ipcrm -m313 -m551 -m678 ... 

   d. Check the system for semaphores and remove the InterBase semaphores, as
              in the following example:

              ipcs -s -a
              ipcrm -s202 -s401 -s435 ...
   e.  Remove the InterBase symbolic link:

              rm /usr/interbase  (Must be superuser to do this)

   f.  Link /usr/interbase to the HP-v4.0B(2) kit.  For example:

              ln -s /test/interbase/HP-V4.0B /usr/interbase
4. Backup the v3.3 database.  Be sure to include the -t option.
   For example:

              /usr/interbase/bin/gbak -t -v -z /test/atlas.gdb /test/atlas.gbk
5. Remove the InterBase symbolic link:

              rm /usr/interbase (must be superuser to do this)

6. Repeat step 3 but link /usr/interbase/ to HU-V4.0G kit instead HP-V4.0B(2) kit.  
              ln -s /test/interbase/HU-V4.0G /usr/interbase

7. Restore the v3.3 database backup.

              /usr/interbase/bin/gbak -c -v -z /test/atlas.gbk /test/new_atlas.gdb

8. Remove the HP-V4.0B(2) kit from your system.

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