Adding a swap file on Solaris

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Resolves errors error open file ibxxxxxxx and no such file or directory

When /tmp is not big enough for swapping, InterBase would return
error such as:
"-error open file ibxxxxxxx
 - no such file or directory"

IB V4.x

You can Increase the tmp space by adding a swap file.  
To add a swap file, follow these instructions:

Syntax: mkfile sizeoffile /path/file	 => create swap file	
Example:   pooka:>mkfile 1500m /usr/gds.tigger/swap

Syntax: swap -a /path/file		=> add the swap file
Example: pooka:>swap -a /usr/gds.tigger/swap

Example:  swap -l			=> view added swap file

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