Tech Note: Manipulating pixels with Delphi's ScanLine property

By: Earl F. Glynn

Abstract: This Tech Note demonstrates how to use the ScanLine TBitmap property to manipulate pixels for a variety of image processing and other applications. Examples are given for each of the various PixelFormats.

The Manipulating Pixels With Delphi's ScanLine Property Tech Note is part of efg's Computer Lab and is available at: 

Scanline and PixelFormat
Additional Examples of Using Scanline
Misuse of Scanline
Unexpected Problems Using Scanline (D3/D4)

Keywords: Scanline Bitmap property, PixelFormat, pfDevice, pf1bit, pf4bit, pf8bit, pf15bit, pf16bit, pf24bit, pf32bit, pfCustom, bmDDB, bmDIB, EInvalidGraphic, Canvas Pixels property, GetDIBits, Bitmap rotation, TByteArray, pByteArray, TWordArray, pWordArray, TRGBTripleArray, pRGBTripleArray, TRGBQuadArray, pRGBQuadArray, PixelFormat conversion, palettes, GetPaletteEntries, reserved colors, color cycling, IdleAction, optimization, Delphi 3/4/5

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