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Abstract: X418.74: Introduction to Object Oriented & Graphic User Interface Programming Using Delphi

UCLA Extension - Engineering & Information Systems


Course Title:                 Introduction To Object-Oriented & Graphic User Interface Programming Using

Course Number:            X418.74

Meetings:                     12 meetings, 3 hours each.

Developed By:             Wesley Lee, Wesley Lee & Associates, Santa Monica, CA

Instructor:                    Wesley Lee

    About the course:

    This course provides students with a sufficient level of understanding of Delphi's rapid application development environment to begin developing simple desktop and local database applications. To the extent necessary to understand Delphi programming, OOP terminology and Object Pascal are introduced. Emphasis is placed on understanding the object-oriented component model and visual development environment. Topics include fundamental concepts such as classes and objects, object properties and data types, the event model and event programming, methods and procedures, creating the user interface, accessing databases, generating reports. Students practice programming and design techniques by developing sample desktop and database applications.

    Upon completion of this course, the student should:

    • Understand the fundamental concepts of object oriented programming.
    • Be able to use the integrated development environment to access the editor and debugger to create and test programs.
    • Be able to apply the more commonly used standard, system, and dialog components to develop applications.
    • Write simple program statements to implement event handlers.
    • Be able to develop a simple database application.

    Course Textbook:

    "Using Delphi, Special Edition", Jon Matcho and David Faulkner, Que Corporation, 1995.

1. Introduction & Course Overview
Intro. to Objects, Events, & Delphi IDE
Building Applications; Unit & Project Files

Ch. 1 - 2.
2. Object Pascal Language Elements
Simple & User-Defined Data Types
Operators and Expressions
Program & Looping Statements

Ch. 3.
3. Language Elements - continued
Introduction to Program Block & Procedures
Understanding scope.
Object-Oriented Programming Terminology

Ch. 3.
4. Introduction to Delphi Components
The Standard Components

Distribute and discuss Project 1. Working with TList, TMemo.
Ch. 4.
5. Button and CheckBox Components
Grouping & System Components
Source code review of Project 1

Distribute and discuss Project 2.
Stopwatch application.
Ch. 4.
6. System Components - continued
Introduction to Menu Design
Creating Dialog Boxes & Dialog Components
Source code review of Project 2

Distribute and discuss Project 3.
Tabbed notebook with monthly task lists.
Ch. 5.
7. Working with Forms
Multiple Form Applications
MDI Application Design

Ch. 8.
Ch. 9.
8. MDI Application Design - continued
Introduction to Debugging Tools
Printing Text & Graphic Files
Source code review of Project 3

Distribute and discuss Project 4.
MDI application to view text and graphic files.
Ch. 15.
9. Printing Text & Graphic Files - continued
The Database Desktop
Source code review of Project 4

Distribute and discuss Project 5.
Application to perform formatted printing.
Ch. 12.
10. Introduction to Database Applications
Data Access & Data Control Components
Source code review of Project 5

Distribute and discuss Project 6.
Database application using ReportSmith.
Ch. 10.
11. Data Access & Control Components - continued
Multi Table Forms
The Field Editor
- Field formatting; Calculated fields
Source code review of Project 6

Distribute Final Exam. Ch. 6.
12. Introduction to ReportSmith
The TReport Component
Course Review and Summary

Final Exam due. Ch. 6.

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