Winners of the March/April Programming Contest

By: Charles Calvert

Abstract: Here are the winners of the fractal and web programming contests for March and April

For me, the programming contests are one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of the Borland Community site. It always amazes me to see the spectacular creations produced by programmers who have the right tools and a touch of inspiration.

If you haven't yet seen the entries for the March/April programming contest, go here to find the fractal contest entries, and here to find the web contest entries. Both pages contain pictures of the entries, and the full source in Pascal, C++ or Java.

The winner of the Delphi fractal contest is the very worthy, hard working, Earl F. Glynn. The winner of the C++ builder fractal contest is Krzysztof Jedruczyk. The winner of the JBuilder fractal contest is Ben Walding.

The winners of the Delphi web contest are Mark Brittingham and Dion Kurczek.

I want to stress the fact that all of the entries were excellent. They all deserved to win. As a result our choice for a winner is somewhat arbitrary. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work!

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