Here's to Good Friends and New Adventures

By: Charles Calvert

Abstract: A short article by Charlie Calvert announcing his new career and thanking the good folks in the Borland community for 8 1/2 wonderful years!

Moving on to new Job

After nearly eight and one half years working at Borland, I have decided to move on. I will be creating a new company. My new company will be dedicated to writing books, articles, consulting, and training developers in Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder. As a result, I'm not really leaving the Borland community at all, only setting up camp in a new location.

I have, of course, loved working for Borland. This is a great company with wonderful products. The people who work here are exceptional people, with remarkable talents.

In a few hours, I will no longer be a Borland employee. Let me spend my last few minutes here at Borland thanking the people who have made my life so rich, varied, and interesting over the last eight years.

It's been my honor to work for the last six years with David Intersimone, who is one of the most well known and well loved people in the entire developer community. I owe David a great deal. I will never forget the wonderful times we have had together, and I can never thank him enough for all he has taught me. David is without a question one of the most talented, big hearted, and remarkable people I have ever met, and he has earned many times over my life long admiration and friendship.

I would like to make a very short list of the other people at Borland who I have had the privilage of working with very closely. These people are Jason Sprenger, Xavier Pacheco, Steve Teixeira, John Kaster, Lar Mader and Rich Jones. Each of these people I worked with every day over a period of years, and they never showed me anything but the very best and most admirable human traits. I hope I am so lucky as to work with such fine people again in my life.

As for all the others, there is no way even to begin to thank them. A few of these people are Karen Giles, Lino Tadros, Steve Trefethen, Christine Ellis, Paolo Ciccone, Yolanda Davis, Blake Stone, Bruneau Babet, Dave Marancik, Anders Ohlsson, Dave Powell, Claudio Briceno, Joe Manzone, Terri Bartos, Dave Wilhelm, Andrea Ginsberg, Jason Vokes, Ludo Neveu, Martin Pamdeth, Martin Raim, Ernesto Franchini, Edwin Desouza, Zack Urlocker, Rosemary Abell, Robert Warren, Scott Bussinger, Richard Morris, Paul Beach, Jeremy McGee, Nimish Vora, Michael Swindell, Lorie Hull, Kendyll Upstrom, Kari Gallant, Allen Bauer, Josh Dahlby, Jose Rubens, John Thomas, John Williams, J.D. Hildebrand, Hizo Jozsef, Goran Kallmark, Ben Riga, George Cross, Gary Benner, Fred Felman, Erik Jakowitz, Danny Thorpe, Craig Farrell, Claudia Currie, Bill Weber, Lance Devon, Robert West, Amber Hein, Richard Kubat, Jeff Peters, Ellie Peters, Krystyna Niedzwiedzka, Kathy Berkland, Kelly Welty, Tom Lam, Nester Miranda (and Carlos!), Dana Kaufman, Pawal Ksiezyk, Jim Wright, Lori and Ellen from travel, Sergey Orlik and many others who I just don't happen to recall right now, or who I liked very much but only met a few times.

I'm also indebted to Ray Kanopka, Mark Miller, Dick Malley, Dan Horn, Taco Oosterkamp, Bob Swart, Ann Lynnworth, Marco Cantu, Jeroen Pluimers, and many more who worked in the Borland community and brought me great joy. It's amazing to consider how many talented and remarkable people have been drawn to this company.

I want to also thank everyone on the Delphi, CBuilder, JBuilder, BDE, and InterBase R&D teams. You made the products that made my wonderful job possible.

When mentioning all these names, it strikes me that their owners come from not only ever imaginable part of the United States, but indeed from all over the world. My job at Borland has given me the chance to get to know quite well people from countries as diverse as Australia, Russia, England, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, France, Chile and many other places in the world. For giving me the opportunity to explore and learn from the world and its people, I owe Borland a great debt. No other institution in my life has touched me as deeply as Borland, and I will always be grateful for the wonderful things this company and its community have done for me.

Finally my thanks goes out to everyone in the community who has read my books, come to my talks, exchanged messages with me online, put up with my faults, and generally helped to make my time at Borland a rich and worthwhile experience. Thanks so much for all you have done for me.

Charlie Calvert

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