Application Taskbar Button

By: Andrew Ames

Abstract: Performing operations on a VCL application's taskbar button.


Why do operations I attempt to perform on the taskbar
button for my main VCL form have no effect? (e.g. FlashWindow)


When calling Win32 functions or handling window messages
associated with an application's taskbar button, you must
use the global TApplication's window handle

This window handle is the parent of all the application's
forms' handles. Many Win32 functions require window handles
that are not that of child windows. FlashWindow is an
example of such a function. It can flash the title bar and/or
the task bar button of a window. If the window is a child
window, then it can only flash the title bar of the window.
Supplying Application->Handle for the HWND parameter of
FlashWindow will allow flashing of the taskbar.

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