Borland C++ Compiler version 5.5 Free Download Is Here !!!

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: The free download version of the Borland C++ Compiler version 5.5 is now available.

    Borland C++ Compiler version 5.5 Free Download - AVAILABLE NOW

Our classic ANSI C/C++ compiler technology, the Borland. C++ 5.5 Compiler and associated command line tools, is now available for free download on our Web site.

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Borland C++ Compiler

Before you download the free C++ compiler, we encourage you to download a trial of C++Builder, our latest C++ development environment for Windows. C++Builder includes our newest 32-bit and 64-bit C++ compilers for Windows with new C++0x support and Boost Libraries, C++ compilers for Mac OS X and iOS, code editor, local and remote debugging, visual designers, database connectivity, Windows 8 and touch/gesture support, and much more.

The Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler is the high performance foundation and core technology of Inprise/Borland's award-winning Borland C++Builder product line and is the basis for Inprise/Borland's recently announced C++Builder(TM) 5 development system for Windows 95, 98, NT, and Windows 2000.

"Over the past 11 years, millions of developers have relied on the speed and quality of the Borland C/C++ compiler technology. Beginning this month, every developer will have free access to the latest Borland C/C++ compiler for building high quality Windows, Internet, and distributed applications," said Michael Swindell, director of product management at Inprise/Borland. "With Open Source development exploding on all platforms, developers can now rely on a leading commercial ANSI C++ compiler to be available for any Windows based Open Source project. In addition, with our forthcoming Linux C++ tools, development with Borland C++ tools today is an investment in Linux development for tomorrow."

"Since many programmers learned how to develop using Borland tools, it's great to see Inprise/Borland offer its widely-used compiler free of charge," said Sally Cusack, an analyst and research manager at International Data Corporation. "Developers who download this compiler will subsequently have a seamless path to the rich tools and capabilities of Borland C++Builder 5 for RAD, Internet, User Interface, database, and distributed solutions."

    About Borland C++ Compiler 5.5

The Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 (BCC) is the foundation and core technology of C++Builder 5. Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is a blazingly fast 32-bit optimizing compiler. It includes the latest ANSI/ISO C++ language support including, the STL (Standard Template Library) framework and C++ template support and the complete Borland C/C++ Runtime Library (RTL). Also included in the free download are the Borland C/C++ command line tools such as the high performance Borland linker and resource compiler.

The free download includes:

Borland C++ Command Line Tools

  • Borland C++ Compiler v5.5 (bcc32)
  • Borland Turbo Incremental Linker (tlink32)
  • Borland Resource Compiler / Binder (brc32, brcc32)
  • C++ Win32 Preprocessor (cpp32)
  • ANSI/OEM character set file conversion utility (fconvert)
  • Import Definitions utility to provide information about DLLs (impdef)
  • Import Library utility to create import libraries from DLLs (implib)
  • Borland Turbo Dump to structurally analyse EXE, OBJ and LIB files (tdump)
  • Librarian for symbol case-conversion, creating extended libraries and modifying page size (tlib)

Included Libraries

  • Borland C/C++ Runtime Library
  • ANSI/ISO Standard Template Library (STL)

Download the free compiler now


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