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By: Karen Blenker

Abstract: Daily news summary for 11 November 1999. By Karen Blenkner.

What a setup

An enhanced visual development tool for software deployment and installation via disk, CD-ROM, LAN, or the Internet has been introduced by Indigo Rose Corp. The company's new Setup Factory 5.0 gives developers a tool for creating flexible installation systems without learning a proprietary scripting language.

Indigo Rose claims Setup Factory 5.0 combines the ease-of-use of a RAD environment with substantial low-level power. The setup builder handles conditional logic, Registry editing, shell operations, international languages, serial numbers, and more. Wizards are available to developers building installation routines and to users and customers during installation.

Setup Factory 5.0 creates single-file setup programs that run on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. Setup Factory 5.0 retails for US$295. A free demo is available.

Global teamwork tool

Inovie Software Inc. has introduced TeamCenter 3.0, an enterprise team portal for Internet-based work teams. An ETP, Inovie explains, is a Web site that allows corporate team members to communicate and coordinate their efforts. TeamCenter 3.0 provides an infrastructure that lets team members check the status of their endeavors -- improving collaborative efforts on the design, development, and delivery of e-business solutions.

TeamCenter 3.0 runs on Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, and Mac OS. Its Java-certified open architecture supports a wide variety of SQL-compliant databases.

Says Inovie CEO Robert Pryor: "The Internet allows corporations to build work teams from the most qualified resources across the globe. Companies today expect people to use the Internet to work together, rather than spending precious time in marathon program review meetings."

The TeamCenter Workgroup Edition supports 10 users and pricing starts at US$4,995. The Enterprise Edition starts at US$35,000 and can be configured for hundreds of users. TeamCenter 3.0 is expected to be available this month.

Flu shot for Linux

Designed specifically for Linux, Central Command Inc.'s AntiViral ToolKit Pro offers an on-demand virus scanner, a real-time virus monitor, and a virus-scanning daemon with an open API. In addition to protecting current environments from virus infections, APV for Linux also scans e-mail databases, encoded messages, and compressed archives. It seeks out malicious programs in files, disk sectors, and memory, Central Command says, instantly immobilizing the virus or hostile application.

Single-user licenses are available in a variety of bundled options, ranging from US$19.95 to US$99.95. Business and Educational packages are also available. Trial versions of AntiViral ToolKit Pro are available for a limited time.

Delightful documentation

Documentation is the bane of the coding life. It's tedious to create, prone to becoming out-of-date, and often inconvenient to access. Premia Corp., the publisher of the award-winning CodeWright source code editor, has developed a tool to ease documentation problems.

DocWright is a Web-oriented solution that creates an Internet or intranet site where documentation can be displayed. In addition, DocWright parses C and C++ source files to generate at least part of the documentation itself. The tool can analyze class relationships, build hierarchy charts, and identify dependencies. CodeWright can be linked to an editor, and an Edit Source button will load selected code into the developer's editor.

DocWright will go on sale on 16 Nov. for US$299.

Rational improvements

With today's shortened development schedules, changes in requirements and design specs have become increasingly hard to manage. To help resolve this problem, Rational Software Corp. has added a unified change management feature to its Rational Suite and Rational ClearCase products.

According to Rational, UCM "tightens integration" between the two products "to simplify the process of change." Integration has been a priority for Rational since the company acquired a full toolbox of life-cycle tools in a buying spree several years ago. Rational asserts that not only will UCM improve communication between Rational Suite and ClearCase, but it will also specifically assist organizations developing Internet applications by providing improved communication among members of a distributed, cross-platform e-development team.

The suite's TestStudio and PerformanceStudio have been enhanced for testing Internet applications, and TestStudio has new support for testing Java programs. ClearCase has been enhanced to support XML and HTML, and it can interface with Microsoft's FrontPage and IBM's Websphere.

Rational Suite 1.5 and ClearCase 4.0 will be available by the end of the year. Bundled together, they'll sell for US$5,495.

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