Overview of the Delphi Component Neighborhood

By: Charles Calvert

Abstract: A short introduction to the Delphi component neighborhood

Delphi Component Neighborhood Overview

Welcome to the Delphi Component Neighborhood. My name is Charlie Calvert, and you can write me if you have any questions about this area of the Borland Community site.

The shimmering jewels in the Delphi toolkit are Object Pascal, the database tools, and components. Of these three, components are the most deeply and uniquely wedded to Delphi programming. Other compilers support components, but no other tool offers a component model that is as fast, effiecient, easy to use, and elegantly designed.

The purpose of this neighborhood is to keep you informed about the arts of building, using and enhancing Delphi components. Here you can find "how to" articles that explain techniques for creating components, advanced articles that describe how components should be designed, and also various tips about the best ways to use components.

This is your neighborhood to enhance, guide and develop as you see fit. We welcome contributions from third parties, and we are always willing and eager to listen to your advice. Feel free to mail me if you have thoughts about what direction this community should take, or if you have suggestions for improving the site, or for correcting errors you find on the site.

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