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By: Barbara Stefaney

Abstract: Daily news summary for 20 October 1999. Edited by Barb Stefaney.

Little black book for e-business

Well, it's not so little really. Intelligent Systems of Gaithersburg, MD, has just announced a real-time address verification system for the e-commerce industry. iRAVES is an Internet-based tool which provides immediate address confirmation against a database of over 360 million verified U.S. addresses.

Delivered on a subscription basis, iRAVES eliminates the need for ongoing updates, the reference database is updated continually. As soon as a name is entered into a iRAVE user's system, the validation process begins. Not only are addresses checked, iRAVES can identify the contact as residential or commercial, and provide its geocode (latitude and longitude). Data verified by iRAVES is then returned to the client immediately -- with updated content, correct spelling and address accuracy. This cleansed information is returned to the client's own application -- no other storage site -- ensuring client security. 

iRAVES can be used with any platform or OS. Download it free at

Smart talker

Denver-based Voyant Technologies, a recent spin-off of Frontier Communications, has just announced a Web-enabled voice conferencing application for their InnoVox platform. CleverVoice SDK gives the user tools to develop voice applications for Internet or telephony service providers. Currently, multi-point Internet conferencing, voice communication and data collaboration applications are supported. Customer-relationship management, enterprise-wide applications, and e-commerce customer service will be areas that CleverVoice supports in the future.

CleverVoice SDK supports Java, and allows developers to build voice services into existing customer-relationship management solutions in any format, including Java and HTML. Used in conjunction with Voyant's ConferenceNow application, CleverVoice can enable users to integrate voice services into e-commerce and intranet solutions.

According to company CEO, Bill Ernstrom, CleverVoice should become the open standard for developers of intelligent voice applications.

No, it's not a dating tool

Although it does bring people together. Raleigh-based TogetherSoft LLC, is announcing the release of Together/J version 3, an enterprise-wide visual UML development tool. Together/J's strength lies in it's interoperability, providing round-trip engineering between models and code, and models and source.

Features of Together/J include:

  • automatic generation of modeling and design patterns
  • in-sync documentation for models and code
  • automatic documentation generation, including Javadoc 2, and RTF
  • metrics gathering and standards audits
  • visual support for UML 1.3 diagrams, including user-defined
  • scalability
  • multi-level open Java API
  • integration with leading development tools

Together/J runs on Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Solaris, and Linux. Visit for your free download.

Xerox and Bertelsmann mark digital books' coming-of-age

Xerox Corp. has announced a partnership with Bertelsmann Arvato AG, a leading international book producer. The joint effort to deploy digital print-on-demand technology worldwide, declared by the two companies at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair, confirms the changing economics of printing small quantities of books.

In contrast to offset printing where the cost per book starts high and declines as the number printed increases, the cost per copy with digital printing remains constant. Bertelsmann Arvato's support of the digital "book-on-demand" market may set a trend, as more major book producers add cost-effective digital production to their traditional offset printing methods.

"This represents a major milestone for the digital book industry," said Pierre Danon, president of Xerox Europe. "When a company like Bertelsmann takes a direction like this, it not only signifies the maturity of digital books as a technology but also as a commercial imperative."

Something for your Delphi planner

The next Delphi 5 live chat will take place on Thursday, October 21st at 10:00 am Pacific time. Unlike the kickoff chat on October 13th, upcoming live chats will focus on specific features and functionality of Delphi 5. This moderated forum gives the community an opportunity to speak directly to team members affiliated with that week's topic. Representatives from R&D, QA, Developer Support, Developer Relations and Marketing will be on hand. A preliminary list of dates and speakers is currently available.

It is highly recommended that you create your chat account in advance. Tomorrow's meeting will be in the Delphi Auditorium of the Borland Community Chat World.

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