Web Technologies Neighborhood Overview

By: Charles Calvert

Abstract: This article provides an introduction to the Web Technologies Neighborhood.

Web Technologies Neighborhood Overview

Welcome to the Web Technologies neighborhood. I'm Charlie Calvert and both John Kaster and myself will help coordinate the activities in this area of the Community site. If you have comments or suggestions about this neighborhood, click on the hotlinks in the previous sentence to send us mail.

Delphi provides many means of creating web based technologies. The most advanced techniques available are part of the Internet Express, which ships in the Delphi 5 Enterprise edition. You can find descriptions of how to work with that technology in the following articles:

The first two are by John, and I wrote the third one. John's are probably more in depth, while mine is a more introductory, or "how to" type of article.

Delphi 5 also provides support for ASP applications. There are no articles about that technology at this time. Most programmers, however, should be able to get started with creating ASP servers in Delphi by selecting File | New | ActiveX | Active Server Object. You can also reference Delphi R&D guru Jim Tierney's example in CodeCentral.

The Delphi Web Broker Technology that ships with Delphi 5 professional and Delphi 3 and 4 pro versions is also valuable for those who want to build web based applications. Unfortunately, most of the articles we have written on this subject are aimed at C++Builder developers. The redoubtable David Intersimone has written several articles on this subject, and I've written one. The first two listed here are from David, and the third one is mine:

I will make an effort to get mine ported over to Delphi as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the technology is so similar in C++Builder and Delphi, that most experienced programmers will be able to take the code from these examples and port them to Delphi with little or no trouble.

Finally, the last category of Web Applications that you can write with Delphi is available on all versions of the product. Using this technology, you write directly to the ISAPI or CGI API's, with no help from pre-built Delphi classes. Several years ago I describe the basics of the low level ISAPI technology in the following article:

People who are interested in this subject should also see what is available from HREF Tools.

For now, that's all the articles I can point you to. If you know some additional links that I should include here, or have you have comments about this neighborhood, or if you yourself would like to contribute articles to this neighborhood, let either John or myself know, and we will see what we can do for you! Thanks again for your interest in Delphi!

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