Overview of Internet Express

By: Charles Calvert

Abstract: Overview of Internet Express


The Internet Express allows you to easily create XML based web server applications in Delphi. Typically, WebServers are CGI, ISAPI or NSAPI applications or DLLS that serve up editable data to HTML clients over the web.

The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of how to use the Internet Express technology to create interactive web pages that serve up datasets. After reading the paper you should be able to create applications that allow users to view InterBase, Paradox, MSSQL, Oracle or other data over the web. The user will be able to edit the data, insert records, delete records, etc. The data can be arranged in one to many relationships, and in some other common configurations such as lookups. In general, the applications you create should roughly parallel standard Delphi database applications, but live inside a browser, rather than a form.

The requirements for reading and using the technology in this paper are fairly simple. Readers of this paper are expected to have a basic understanding of Delphi Database programming, with some knowledge of Midas development a plus. Internet Express ships only with Delphi Enterprise.

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