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White Papers


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18 Jun 2004 EJB Development using Borland JBuilder X and Borland Enterprise Server 6.0
This paper provides an overview of creating, deploying, debugging, optimizing, and testing Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) using Borland JBuilder X Enterprise and Borland Enterprise Server 6.0.
Sudhansu Pati White Paper
19 Apr 2004 Strategies for Integrating OSS/J Systems with CORBA
Get practical information on implementing J2EE-based Operational Support Systems (OSS/J) that must communicate with existing CORBA-based telecommunications systems
Borland Staff White Paper
4 Mar 2004 Borland. InterBase. vs MySQL
Savvy developers and application architects who take the time to examine InterBase closely find that it offers substantial advantages over MySQL.
Bill Todd White Paper
27 Jan 2004 Borland Data Provider (BDP) for the Microsoft.NET Framework
High-performance enterprise database development for ADO.NET
John Kaster White Paper
19 Dec 2003 JBuilder X Configuration with J2EE Application Servers
This white paper describes how to configure JBuilder X to work with J2EE application servers
Sudhansu Pati White Paper
19 Dec 2003 Crystal Reports for Borland JBuilder Tutorial
Embedding the Crystal Reports Java viewer in your JSP pages
Crystal Decisions White Paper
5 Dec 2003 StarTeam Configuration Best Practices
This white paper provides best practices guidelines for configuring and using StarTeam repositories.
Randy Guck White Paper
5 Dec 2003 StarTeam Performance and Scalability Techniques
This white paper provides you with guidelines for planning, configuring, and tuning your StarTeam deployment.
Randy Guck White Paper
20 Nov 2003 Embedding reports within JBuilder web application projects
With the recent addition of embedded reporting to the JBuilder X feature-set, it is now possible to process and render industry-standard report templates within your JavaServer Pages (JSPs).
Crystal Decisions White Paper
5 Nov 2003 Optimization III: Selecting and Configuring InterBase Server Hardware
The third part of a three-session series on optimization of InterBase applications, this session explains which hardware will give your InterBase server the most bang for your buck? Benchmarking will be used to identify and overcome hardware bottlenecks.
Conference Speaker White Paper
5 Nov 2003 Optimization II: Optimizing InterBase SQL and Metadata
The second part of a three-session series on optimization of InterBase applications, this session explains how to tune SQL statements and metadata design for maximum performance.
Conference Speaker White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Optimization I: Optimizing InterBase Applications
This session is part of a three-part series on creating high-performance systems using InterBase as the database back end.
Conference Speaker White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Using Borland JBuilder and Borland InterBase in the development of J2EE
This white paper describes how to use the Borland InterBase database in a J2EE application architecture that includes an application built using Borland JBuilder and the Borland Enterprise Server application server.
Shaunak Mistry White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Borland. InterBase. vs Microsoft. SQL Server
A comparative analysis of Borland InterBase and Microsoft SQL Server that is designed to show the qualities that differentiate these two databases and help developers choose the the database that their application requires.
Bill Todd White Paper
15 Sep 2003 White paper: Creating Midlets with Borland JBuilder and Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME™ by Nokia
This document shows how to develop MIDlets by using Borland JBuilder 9 (Developer, Enterprise, or Mobile Edition) and Nokia Developer's Suite 2.0 for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).
David Intersimone White Paper
4 Sep 2003 Borland InterBase Events
A description of the events function in InterBase and how to use it to broadcast alerts as the result of a change in an InterBase database.
Sudesh Shetty White Paper
3 Sep 2003 Tuning Borland InterBase Configuration Parameters
InterBase possesses a number of tunable configuration parameters that allow the high-end user to tune the database server (or the database) to perform optimally in particular environments.
Sriram Balasubramanian White Paper
1 Sep 2003 Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Development Using Borland. JBuilder. 9 and Sybase. EAServer 4.2
This paper provides an overview of creating, testing, debugging, and deploying EJB using JBuilder 9 Enterprise and Sybase EAServer 4.2
Sudhansu Pati White Paper
5 Aug 2003 Web Services Development Using Borland JBuilder 9 and Borland Enterprise Server
Jumpstart creating, hosting, and consuming Web Services from JavaBeans,. Enterprise JavaBeans, and WSDL
Sudhansu Pati White Paper
1 Jul 2003 Deploying J2EE Applications to BEA WebLogic Server on the HP. NonStop. Server Platform
Using Borland. JBuilder. to deploy, debug, and administer J2EE applications on the HP. NonStop. Server
Borland Staff White Paper

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