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Hi, I'm David Intersimone "David I", Borland's Vice President of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist. Welcome to the Borland Developer Network (BDN).

Borland is celebrating its 20th year in business. Throughout the year we'll be celebrating that, at Borland, "Excellence Endures". InterBase is a product that embodies this idea. It's innovative technology, rock solid reliability, and high performance has earned it a rabid following of developers and users around the world.

Borland provides a wide variety of information to help developers achieve their goals with InterBase. These include white papers by the InterBase engineering staff, papers contributed by customers and speakers from Borland Conferences, TI's with step-by-step tutorials, hundreds and hundreds of FAQs, and much more...

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26 Sep 2000 SQL Roles: Users and Security in InterBase
This paper discusses how to setup security for user validation and database privileges to maintain security for your database.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 Upsizing From dBASE to InterBase
This article is mostly about the theory behind client/server computing and the features of InterBase. There is no easier way, less expensive way to get your client/server feet wet than with the wonderful InterBase database server engine.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 Upsizing Paradox Databases to InterBase
With forward planning and building on your database experience, you can move a relatively complex desktop database to the league of SQL database servers.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 InterClient Java Technology For InterBase
InterClient may be the most fully functional jdbc driver available.
Borland Staff White Paper
20 Sep 2000 An Introduction To InterBase
written by Marcus Kemper, presented at BorCon 1998
Borland Staff White Paper
12 Jul 2000 What Open Source Means to You
Are you enthusiastic about open source or skeptical? This session is for the skeptics. It explains how open source works and how InterBase will provide reliable software and excellent support, and reduce the cost of InterBase applications.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 eCommerce and InterBase
Building an eCommerce site with InterBase, Apache, Linux, and Java servlets.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Extending with Delphi and InterBase
See how specialized Internet search engine, pools, questionnaires, and banner systems are built with Delphi and InterBase.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 InterBase for Desktop Database Users
This paper will focus on two areas; the specific features of InterBase that make it better than a desktop database and the differences in application design required to take advantage of these features.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Introduction to InterBase Stored Procedures and Triggers
The heart of client/server application development is using stored procedures and triggers effectively. This session will provide a complete, practical, example-based introduction to these topics.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Introduction to InterBaseExpress
Learn the basics of building high-performance client/server systems using InterBase and InterBaseExpress with Delphi. This session will cover the InterBaseExpress components and how to use them in Delphi.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Writing UDFs for InterBase Using Delphi and C++Builder
A complete demonstration of how to write UDFs using Delphi and C++Builder. Unix and Windows platforms will be discussed.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Using Apache, PHP, and InterBase to Develop Database-driven Web Sites
PHP and Apache allow one to easily develop Web sites that interact with InterBase. Topics include: configuring the system; login security; displaying standard data types; displaying BLOB data; and allowing the end user to insert, update, and delete data.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 InterBase Collation Drivers
InterBase version 6 allows you to define your own character sets and collating sequences so you can support languages that are not built into InterBase, or support different ways to order words in any language.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 InterBase Replication Internals
This session discusses more advanced replication topics, such as replicating subsets of data, taking control of replication from within your applications, and managing unusual replication requirements.
Conference Speaker White Paper
12 Jul 2000 InterBase Replication Fundamentals
This session covers the A to Z of replication and demonstrates how it can be used to good effect to help solve the problems developers and project managers are facing when developing and managing enterprise database projects.
Conference Speaker White Paper
21 Jul 1999 Embedding InterBase 6.0 in 10 easy steps--InterBase Install and Licensing APIs
InterBase 6 has a new install API that automates many chores involved in embedding the database into an application. This session describes the API and how to use it.
Borland Developer Support White Paper
21 Jul 1999 The ABCs of Migrating from InterBase 5 to InterBase 6
This document outlines the steps necessary and the issues that will need to be addressed in order to successfully migrate from InterBase 5 to InterBase 6.
Conference Speaker White Paper
21 Jul 1999 Building a Database Driven Dynamic Web Site Using JBuilder and InterBase
We will use servlets to do the dynamic page generation and show how you can rapidly change the look and feel of your Web site by making changes to the database. Look at with 820,000 pages online all dynamically driven.
Rob Schieck White Paper
21 Jul 1999 Using the InterBase Services Manager
How to use the new InterBase Service API to perform tasks such as database backup and restore, displaying connected users and databases, and retrieving database statistics.
Mark Duquette White Paper

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