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Hi, I'm David Intersimone "David I", Borland's Vice President of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist. Welcome to the Borland Developer Network (BDN).

Borland is celebrating its 20th year in business. Throughout the year we'll be celebrating that, at Borland, "Excellence Endures". InterBase is a product that embodies this idea. It's innovative technology, rock solid reliability, and high performance has earned it a rabid following of developers and users around the world.

Borland provides a wide variety of information to help developers achieve their goals with InterBase. These include white papers by the InterBase engineering staff, papers contributed by customers and speakers from Borland Conferences, TI's with step-by-step tutorials, hundreds and hundreds of FAQs, and much more...

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6 Aug 2015 Whitepaper: Simplifying Data Change Tracking with InterBase Change Views
This paper outlines the value of Change Views and why it represents a brand new paradigm for tracking and moving data changes
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
1 Apr 2014 Mobilizing Enterprise Data: Top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them!
Download the free report with info on InterBase
Tim DelChiaro White Paper
4 Mar 2004 Borland. InterBase. vs MySQL
Savvy developers and application architects who take the time to examine InterBase closely find that it offers substantial advantages over MySQL.
Bill Todd White Paper
5 Nov 2003 Optimization III: Selecting and Configuring InterBase Server Hardware
The third part of a three-session series on optimization of InterBase applications, this session explains which hardware will give your InterBase server the most bang for your buck? Benchmarking will be used to identify and overcome hardware bottlenecks.
Conference Speaker White Paper
5 Nov 2003 Optimization II: Optimizing InterBase SQL and Metadata
The second part of a three-session series on optimization of InterBase applications, this session explains how to tune SQL statements and metadata design for maximum performance.
Conference Speaker White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Optimization I: Optimizing InterBase Applications
This session is part of a three-part series on creating high-performance systems using InterBase as the database back end.
Conference Speaker White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Using Borland JBuilder and Borland InterBase in the development of J2EE
This white paper describes how to use the Borland InterBase database in a J2EE application architecture that includes an application built using Borland JBuilder and the Borland Enterprise Server application server.
Shaunak Mistry White Paper
4 Nov 2003 Borland. InterBase. vs Microsoft. SQL Server
A comparative analysis of Borland InterBase and Microsoft SQL Server that is designed to show the qualities that differentiate these two databases and help developers choose the the database that their application requires.
Bill Todd White Paper
4 Sep 2003 Borland InterBase Events
A description of the events function in InterBase and how to use it to broadcast alerts as the result of a change in an InterBase database.
Sudesh Shetty White Paper
3 Sep 2003 Tuning Borland InterBase Configuration Parameters
InterBase possesses a number of tunable configuration parameters that allow the high-end user to tune the database server (or the database) to perform optimally in particular environments.
Sriram Balasubramanian White Paper
21 May 2002 Converting Paradox and dBASE Applications to InterBase
This session shows how to convert an application built with Paradox tables to InterBase. How to convert browsing Locate, FindKey, SetRange, RecordCount, RecNo, and datasets are covered using an actual application.
Conference Speaker White Paper
20 May 2002 Overview of InterBase JDBC Connectivity
This session paper discusses the JDBC Class 4 driver for InterBase. It consists of demonstrations of different connectivity scenerios and a general overview of how to use the driver.
Conference Speaker White Paper
25 Jul 2001 Maximizing Performance of Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase Applictions
This paper will present some tips to help you with getting better performance from your Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase system.
Conference Speaker White Paper
25 Jul 2001 InterBaseExpress: Tips and Tricks
InterBase Express (IBX) is a set of data access components that provide a means of building applications with Delphi 5/6 and C++ Builder that can access, administer, monitor, and run the InterBase Services on InterBase databases.
Conference Speaker White Paper
24 Jul 2001 InterBase Installation & Deployment Options
This paper discuss the various options available for installing InterBase, including using the Installation API, TIBInstall, the Borland Setup.exe package, and various other installation packages.
Conference Speaker White Paper
24 Jul 2001 Building Applications With ClientDataSet and InterBase Express
This paper investigates the advantages of using ClientDataSets in combination with the Interbase Express components to build your InterBase applications.
Conference Speaker White Paper
23 Jul 2001 Extending SQL Functionality in InterBase
The Chief Architect of InterBase covers how to add additional SQL functions and internal UDFs to your database.
Charlie Caro White Paper
23 Jul 2001 InterBase Connectivity Overview
An overview of the wide range of connectivity options available to the InterBase developer.
Conference Speaker White Paper
23 Jul 2001 InterBase 6 Certification and Multi-Platform Test Automation
This paper discusses the structure and ideology of InterBase QA and how our open source community can participate in development testing using TCS, the InterBase Test Control System.
Conference Speaker White Paper
18 Mar 2001 InterBase: What Sets It Apart
This article discusses the features of InterBase that make it stand out from other databases
Bill Todd White Paper

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