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18 Mar 2001 InterBase: What Sets It Apart
This article discusses the features of InterBase that make it stand out from other databases
Bill Todd White Paper
25 Sep 2000 Upsizing From dBASE to InterBase
This article is mostly about the theory behind client/server computing and the features of InterBase. There is no easier way, less expensive way to get your client/server feet wet than with the wonderful InterBase database server engine.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Sep 2000 Upsizing Paradox Databases to InterBase
With forward planning and building on your database experience, you can move a relatively complex desktop database to the league of SQL database servers.
Borland Staff White Paper
20 Sep 2000 An Introduction To InterBase
written by Marcus Kemper, presented at BorCon 1998
Borland Staff White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Introduction to InterBase Stored Procedures and Triggers
The heart of client/server application development is using stored procedures and triggers effectively. This session will provide a complete, practical, example-based introduction to these topics.
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12 Jul 2000 Writing UDFs for InterBase Using Delphi and C++Builder
A complete demonstration of how to write UDFs using Delphi and C++Builder. Unix and Windows platforms will be discussed.
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21 Jul 1999 Building a Database Driven Dynamic Web Site Using JBuilder and InterBase
We will use servlets to do the dynamic page generation and show how you can rapidly change the look and feel of your Web site by making changes to the database. Look at with 820,000 pages online all dynamically driven.
Rob Schieck White Paper
21 Jul 1999 30 Days from Paradox to InterBase
This article reviews the problems, the band-aids, the solutions, and the successes encountered during a large database migration from Paradox to InterBase
Skip Rowland White Paper
21 Jul 1999 Writing UDFs for InterBase under Windows and Linux
A user defined function (UDF) in InterBase is merely a function written in any programming language that is compiled into a shared library.
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21 Jul 1999 The InterBase On-Disk Structure
Understanding how InterBase stores data offers some hints for efficient database design. Beyond that, it may explain why there is no simple answer to a simple question like "How big is my database going to be".
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