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20 May 2002 Overview of InterBase JDBC Connectivity
This session paper discusses the JDBC Class 4 driver for InterBase. It consists of demonstrations of different connectivity scenerios and a general overview of how to use the driver.
Conference Speaker White Paper
25 Sep 2000 InterClient Java Technology For InterBase
InterClient may be the most fully functional jdbc driver available.
Borland Staff White Paper
12 Jul 2000 Introduction to InterBaseExpress
Learn the basics of building high-performance client/server systems using InterBase and InterBaseExpress with Delphi. This session will cover the InterBaseExpress components and how to use them in Delphi.
Conference Speaker White Paper
21 Jul 1999 Using the InterBase Services Manager
How to use the new InterBase Service API to perform tasks such as database backup and restore, displaying connected users and databases, and retrieving database statistics.
Mark Duquette White Paper

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