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Hi! I'm John Kaster, in Borland Developer Relations. With Delphi, the choices are always yours: you're in control of a complete e-business development studio with the freedom to easily take your solutions to Windows, the .NET Framework, and cross-platform to Linux..


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12 Dec 2005 What's new in Delphi 2006
Read this article for an overview of new features in Delphi 2006, part of Borland Developer Studio
Jason Vokes White Paper
6 Oct 2005 Delphi 2005 Reviewer's Guide
The complete Microsoft Windows development solution
Cary Jensen White Paper
6 May 2005 Borland Delphi 2005 Compiler, Language, and Debugger Enhancements
This article provides an overview of several of the new features found in Delphi 2005
Borland Technical Publications White Paper
18 Feb 2005 Whitepaper: Delphi 2005 and ADO.NET database development
Easy, reliable, and scalable data remoting services on ADO.NET using Borland. Delphi. 2005
Troy Kitch White Paper
18 Feb 2005 Whitepaper: Delphi 2005 and ECO II
Using an existing enterprise database with Borland. ECO II and Borland Delphi. 2005
Troy Kitch White Paper
12 Nov 2004 What's New in Delphi 2005
A Technical White Paper By Bob Swart on all that's new in Delphi 2005
Anders Ohlsson White Paper
27 Jan 2004 Borland Data Provider (BDP) for the Microsoft.NET Framework
High-performance enterprise database development for ADO.NET
John Kaster White Paper
2 Oct 2002 Borland Kylix 3 versus Linux GCC Development
A productivity and maintainability comparison
William Roetzheim White Paper
18 Sep 2002 Migrating BDE Applications to dbExpress
This white paper by Bill Todd discusses the migration of BDE-based applications to dbExpress
John Kaster White Paper
26 Mar 2002 Bring the power and speed of RAD to your Web application development with WebSnap
WebSnap enables Delphi to build the scriptable business objects, database driven web pages, and back-end servers that are integral to a successful, dynamic web site.
Tom Gardner White Paper
25 Feb 2002 Database Application Development Using Borland. Kylix and IBM. DB2. Universal Database v7.2
This document is intended to highlight the ways to best integrate Kylix and DB2.
Borland Staff White Paper
16 Oct 2001 RADical Performance Linux Application Development
Welcome to the Product Evaluators Guide for the future of high-performance Linux development platforms, Kylix.
Borland Staff White Paper
25 Aug 2001 Technical Overview of the Kylix Compiler
With the introduction of Kylix, Borland brings to the GNU/Linux . platform a Delphi  source-compatible, native code compiler.
John Ray Thomas White Paper
21 Aug 2001 Apache Development with Kylix Server Developer
Kylix simplifies and speeds development of Apache based web/Internet application development for Linux so that you can deliver scalable web applications that support large numbers of users and large volumes of data.
Colin A. Ridgewell White Paper
25 Jul 2001 Maximizing Performance of Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase Applictions
This paper will present some tips to help you with getting better performance from your Delphi/C++Builder/InterBase system.
Conference Speaker White Paper
25 Jul 2001 Creating Kylix Database Applications
BorlandnKylix with dbExpress is a new approach to providing a common API for many databases, with Borland!&s proven provide/resolve architecture for managing the data editing and update process.
Bill Todd White Paper
24 Jul 2001 Migrating Your Delphi 5 Projects to Kylix
This paper provides an overview and detailed description of migrating applications from Borland Delphi 5 for Windows to Kylix for Linux
Bob Swart White Paper
20 Jul 2001 The Kylix Object Model
Object Pascal has its own object model, which defines the structure and capabilities of objects created using the language. This paper introduces the object model used in Kylix.
Borland Staff White Paper
1 Apr 2001 Kylix wins Linux Format's "Top Stuff Award"
by Mike James, Linux Format
Tom Lam White Paper
29 Mar 2001 Creating WAP Applications with Borland Delphi
For Dynamic Data Driven Applications Beyond the Web Browser
Borland Staff White Paper

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