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27 Dec 2005 Together features in Delphi 2006 and C#Builder 2006
Read about some of the Together features for Delphi and C# in Borland Developer Studio 2006
John Kaster Article
4 Oct 2005 BDNradio: The many uses of OCL in Together 2006
Listen to the audio replay of the live chat with Dan Massey on OCL in Together 2006
John Kaster Audio
4 Oct 2005 BDNradio: Validating your model in Together 2006 chat log
Listen to the audio replay of the live chat with Rich Gronback on model validation with Together 2006
John Kaster Audio
20 Sep 2005 Together 2006 Demonstrations
See introductions to the major new features of Together 2006
John Kaster Video
8 Mar 2005 Computerworld - Steps for writing trusted applications
This article discusses using hardware to combat threats against computers using the open specification created by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).
David Intersimone Article
18 Aug 2003 Simple Programming Tip #3 by Charlie Calvert
Learn how refactoring can help you create robust and easy to maintain programs.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
27 Feb 2003 Public beta: Quality Central browser client
The QualityCentral web client public beta has started. You are welcome to participate.
John Kaster Article

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