Delphi Prism Language and Compiler


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2 Nov 2009 Aspect Oriented Programming: A Separation of Concerns
Delphi Prism Video Replay from the CodeRage Developer Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
20 May 2009 Delphi Prism May 2009 release is now available
This article covers the release of the May update for Delphi Prism 2009. The Delphi Prism language is the ideal language of choice for Delphi developers who want to use their Delphi skills to build .NET applications or leverage the power of .NET for some aspects of their existing Delphi for Win32 projects.
David Intersimone Article
4 Mar 2009 Write Cleaner, Higher Quality Code with Class Contracts in Delphi Prism
This article covers the language features of Class Contracts in Delphi Prism. With these features, you can write “cleaner”, more concise code by stating what are the assumptions and conditions for classes and methods in your Prism Code
Nick Hodges Article
27 Nov 2008 Using Mono and Delphi Prism
This article describes the capabilities of developing for Mono using Delphi Prism
Nick Hodges Contributed Article

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