Creating a New User Account on the InterBase Database

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Instructions for creating a new database user account for InterBase XE

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ActionItemIndicator.pngCreating a New User

Note:     InterBase ships with one user, SYSDBA as the default.

1.  To display the User Information dialog in IBConsole, click Server > User Security and the User Information dialog opens.


2.  Click New to clear the Required Information and Optional Information fields.

3.  Type TUTOR in the User Name field. This appears in all caps even if the Caps Lock is off. Type tutor4ib in the Password and Confirm Password field. The password is case-sensitive. You do not need to complete the Optional Information.

4.  Click Apply to create the user, and then click Close. The User Information dialog closes.

5.  Click Server > Logout and log out of the server. You will be asked to confirm this action.

6.  Now click Server > Login and enter your new user name TUTOR and password. Once the login is complete the TUTOR user appears in the Summary pane.


You have now created a user on the server you’re logged into. Users are defined server-wide and can connect to any database that resides on that server. Tables within these databases have additional security, however. Being able to connect to a database won’t do you much good if you don’t have privileges on any of its tables. This will be covered later.

This information comes from the InterBase Quick Start Guide.

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