Delphi XE2 Documentation Insight

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: 31 Days of RAD Studio XE2 Video Tutorials - Day 16 Tutorial

Learn how to document your code with Documentation Insight in Delphi XE2. The first step in understanding source code is reading its documentation.

Professional documentation helps to easily get the key points and understand the design intention of the author. Furthermore, when we play the role of an author, we also need to write documentation to explain our code and design intentions, especially when working with other developers. Documentation Insight from DevJET Software helps you visually read and write xml documentation in the Delphi / RAD Studio IDE. It's the most powerful Delphi XML Documentation Tool (Plug-in or Add-in)

This video is part of the 31 Days of RAD Studio XE2 Video Tutorials - Day 16 Tutorial.

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31 Days of RAD Studio

Published on: 12/16/2011 5:33:46 PM

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