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By: David Clegg

Abstract: Discusses the OpenID support provided by Member services, and shows how to use this support to login to the Developer Network using your OpenID

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OpenID provides a way for users to create a single digital identity which can be used to login to an increasing number of web sites without having to maintain multiple accounts for authentication. An OpenID account can be created with one of the many OpenID providers, such as myOpenID. This account is then used when an OpenID enabled web site requires authentication. More information about OpenID can be found here.

Member services now has support for OpenID logins, and this article will discuss how you can use your OpenID to login and access all the functionality that Member services and other Developer Network applications offer.

Logging in using OpenID

Above the login fields on the Member services login form there is now a Login using your OpenID credentials link.

Clicking this link will show a form which can then be used to login using your OpenID. If you have made a mistake, and wish to login using your Developer Network credentials, there is a Login using your Developer Network credentials link which will allow you to do this.

If you logged into Membership services last time using your OpenID, and your USER cookie is still available, the OpenID login form will be shown, with the Your OpenID field prefilled with the OpenID you used.

Once you have entered your OpenID and clicked the Login button, you will be redirected to your OpenID provider to perform authentication. Once your OpenID provider has successfully verified your authentication details, you will be redirected back to Member services where you will be able to access its functionality in the same manner as if you had logged in using Developer Network login credentials.

If you have logged in using OpenID, the My Member Services page will show the OpenID used to authenticate you.

Using an OpenID for the first time

The first time you use an OpenID to login to Member services, you will be redirected to the Create a new user account page. If you are an existing Developer Network user using your OpenID to login for the first time, you do not have to create a new account. Instead, you can link your OpenID to your Developer Network account by using the link provided in the Information section at the top of this page.

This will redirect you to a login form where you must enter your Developer Network credentials. Once these credentials have been verified against your Developer Network account, the OpenID you used will be linked against your account and you will be redirected to the My Member Services page.

Creating a new account from your OpenID

If you are a new Developer Network user, and you wish to create a new account with your OpenID, the Create a new user account form may have been prefilled with profile information provided by your OpenID provider.

Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to assign Developer Network login credentials with your account.

While Developer Network login credentials are not required to login to Member services, other activities such as product activation do not support OpenID, and will require Developer Network login credentials.

Supplying Developer Network login credentials can be done at any time by clicking on the Change my login details link under the Manage my account section of Member services.

Managing OpenID associations

It is possible to attach multiple OpenIDs to your membership account. Managing these associations is done by clicking on Manage my OpenID associations in the member services navigation bar.

From this page, you can attach additional OpenIDs to your account, and detach OpenIDs that have already been attached.

Attaching an OpenID

To attach an OpenID to your account, enter the OpenID in the texbox, and click the Attach button. Once your OpenID credentials have been verified by your OpenID provider, the OpenID will be associated with your account, and you will be able to use it for subsequent Member services logins.

Detaching an OpenID

To detach an OpenID that has been associated with your account, simply click the Detach button next to the OpenID you wish to detach. Once an OpenID has been detached, you will no longer be able to use it to login to Member services.

Detaching all OpenIDs

When new accounts are created from an OpenID, there is no opportunity to associate a Developer Network password with that account, which means you can only login to the account using your OpenID. If you have detached all OpenIDs from your account, you will be shown an information message giving you an opportunity to assign a Developer Network password to your account, ensuring you can still access Member services using your Developer Network login credentials. If you were an existing Developer Network user who associated an OpenID with your account, you can safely ignore this message.

Deleting your Developer Network account

The Delete my account page has been updated to allow verification of account deletion by providing your OpenID.

Be aware that deleting your Developer Network account is an unrecoverable operation, and once it has been deleted there is no way to recover it. This will affect any Embarcadero products you may have registered under that account, as you will no longer be able to download any registered user downloads for these products.

Feedback welcome

You can report any problems with these new features, or make feature requests in the member services area in QualityCentral. We are actively enhancing the member services we provide, so please get your requests in when you think of them.

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