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By: David Clegg

Abstract: Outlines the Avatar support currently provided by Developer Network applications

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Selected Developer Network applications now provide support for users to specify an avatar to be displayed alongside their content. This article outlines how this support is provided, and how users can take advantage of this functionality.

How to specify an avatar

An avatar is a computer user's representation of him/herself, often in the form of a two-dimensional image. They are commonly used on Internet forums and web-based social networks.

Specifying a Gravatar avatar

Avatar support on the Developer Network is currently provided by the Gravatar globally recognized avatar service. If a user has a Gravatar avatar for the e-mail address associated with their Developer Network profile, this avatar will be displayed in selected areas of Developer Network applications. In order to associate a Gravatar avatar with your Developer Network profile, you will need to create a Gravatar account using the e-mail address associated with it. For full instructions on how to create a Gravatar account, please refer to the Gravatar website.

The following screenshot shows an avatar being displayed for a CodeCentral submission:

If the user does not have a Gravatar avatar, or Gravatar cannot find the avatar for the users Developer Network e-mail adddress, a default avatar image may be displayed. The following screenshot shows the default avatar image being displayed for a CodeCentral submission:


This article outlines the current level of avatar support provided by Developer Network applications, and details how to create an avatar to associate with your Developer Network profile. Avatar support is still under development, and more features and options will be available to Developer network users shortly.

Published on: 8/5/2008 9:25:40 PM

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