BDNradio - The 24 hours of Delphi (audio recordings)

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Listen to (or download) the interviews from the "24 hours of Delphi" that took place on July 13, 2005. You'll learn the tips, tricks, and techniques from the top Delphi experts on the planet Earth.

You can listen to (or download) the audio recordings of each of the segments of the "24 hours of Delphi" BDNradio interviews that took place on July 13, 2005. Listen to Delphi R&D engineers, Borland partners, book authors, and community members. You'll learn the tips, tricks, and techniques from the top Delphi experts on the planet Earth.

The radio guests provide tips and tricks for moving your projects to Delphi 2005 for Win32 development, as well as moving your applications to Microsoft .NET and the .NET compact framework.

Hear discussions of real world examples, success stories from community members and their customers, and also the Delphi roadmap for the next three years. In addition, we will interview the guests about their roles in the Delphi community, how they first started out, what they're doing toady, what books they're writing, what web sites they hang out on, what training and consulting they do.

Hosted by:

    David Intersimone "David I"
    John Kaster
    Anders Ohlsson

The 24 hour schedule - Listen to the stream, download the MP3

The complete schedule for the 24 hours of Delphi is listed below. There are links for you to listen to the streaming audio for each session. You can also download MP3 format versions of each session by right-mouse clicking on the download link and saving the file to your local hard drive (stay tuned for podcast XML feeds).

Time   Guest(s) Topic Listen (WMA) Download (MP3)
12:00 AM

Michael Swindell (Borland Product Management)
Jason Vokes(Borland Product Line Manager, EMEA)
Malcolm Groves(Borland Product Line Manager, Asia Pacific)
Michael, Jason, and Malcolm will introduced the 24 hours of Delphi and present a discussion of Delphi's use around the world. They will also present future directions for Delphi with support for .NET compact framework, .NET 2.0, and Windows Longhorn. Listen Download
1:00 AM Marco Cantu (Wintech Italia Srl) Marco will discuss advanced Delphi language features, Delphis support for XML, Delphi software he uses for work, hes new book, approaches to learning Delphi, and much more. Listen Download
1:45 AM Bob Swart (Bob Swart Training & Consultancy) Bob uses Delphi for all his computing needs. Hell talk about his Delphi web cams, his Skype answering machine, his upcoming ECO II enabled blog, and of course about the training that he provides. Hell also talk about some applications that he moved from Win32 to .NET. Listen Download
2:30 AM David Clegg (Telephony Video Data Ltd) David will discuss the StarTeam integration in Delphi 2005, as well as sharing code between Delphi Win32 and Delphi.NET (both WinForms and VCL.NET), and ECO. If the CF preview is released by this time, he will also discuss developing CF apps. Listen Download
3:00 AM Jan Norden (Borland R&D) Jan will cover ECO fundamentals. It also happens to be Jans 49th birthday today. Not only that, its also ECOs (Bolds) birthday - #9. Jan started Bold on his 40th birthday  9 years ago. Listen Download
3:45 AM Jonas Hogstrom (Borland R&D) Jonas will talk about OR mappings in ECO. He will also talk about Bold support in Delphi 2005. Listen Download
4:30 AM Deepak Shenoy (Flovate Technologies) Deepak is a member of TeamB, and the CEO of Flovate Technologies. He will discuss INDUG - the Indian Delphi User Group that has around 800 members online now, as well as technical topics - Win32 SOAP programming and interoperability with .NET's SOAP. Also general Delphi programming/architecture. Listen Download
5:00 AM
Bernd Ua (Ua Consulting) and Daniel Magin (Borland Germany) Bernd and Daniel will discuss ASP.NET, .NET component development, and customer feedback from the Delphi Roadshow Germany 2005. Listen Download
6:00 AM Jeroen Pluimers (Oosterkamp training and consultancy BV) Jeroen will discuss the training and consulting that his company provides. Listen Download
6:30 AM Wayne Niddery (Logic Fundamentals Inc) Wayne is a member of TeamB. He will discuss object oriented topics such as class features, object persistence frameworks, best practices in designing classes, color modelling, as well as database topics - use of data-aware controls, dataset events, UI design with SQL databases. Wayne will also talk about how to sell customers on .NET. Listen Download
7:00 AM Dan Miser (TipTech/DistribuCon) Dan will discuss a project that he moved from Delphi 6 to Delphi 2005. Other topics will include MIDAS 2-tier to 3-tier conversion, and some of the BDP components (DataExplorer, update process, DataSync/DataHub). Listen Download
7:45 AM Borland Software Corporation Scott Arnold, Borland's CEO, pays a surprise visit to the 24 hours of Delphi. Listen Download
8:10 AM Craig Stuntz (Vertex Software) Craig is a member of TeamB. He will discuss using C# in Delphi 2005 as well as using StarTeam and Delphi 2005. Listen Download
8:30 AM Drew Wells and Azret Botash (AutomatedQA) Drew and Azret will discuss their support for Delphi 2005 (Win32/.NET), and their own experience with migration of projects from version to version. Listen Download
9:00 AM Ramesh Theivendran (Borland R&D) Ramesh will discuss database support in Delphi 2005, and also how to migrate Win32 applications from the BDE to dbExpress and/or BDP for .NET. Listen Download
9:30 AM Allen Bauer (Borland R&D) Allen will discuss the new IDE, it's features, and a little bit about the Open Tools Architecture. Listen Download
10:00 AM Daniel Polistchuck (Borland Brazil) Daniel will discuss CaliberRM and it's integration into Delphi 2005, StarTeam, ECO, and all other things Delphi. Listen Download
11:00 AM
Danny Thorpe & Seppy Bloom (Borland R&D) Danny and Seppy will discuss the compiler, RTL, VCL (Win32/.NET), and the CF preview. Listen Download
12:00 PM
Chad Hower & Hadi Hariri (AtoZed Software Pty) Chad and Hadi will discuss Indy and IntraWeb, how to use the, and how to migrate from one version to another. Listen Download
12:45 PM Yorai Aminov (Shorter Path) Yorai is a member of TeamB. He will talk about component building and projects that he has build in Delphi: database applications, utilities, distributed CORBA and DCOM applications, as well as web applications. Listen Download
1:30 PM Brian Long (Brian Long Training and Consulting Services) Brian will discuss .NET and Win32 interop as well as debugging. Listen Download
2:00 PM

Steve Trefethen, Jim Tierney, John Keegan (Borland R&D) and Nick Hodges (Lemanix Corporation) Steve, Jim, John and Nick will discuss ASP.NET, webservices, and the dbWeb components (John), as well as development of the Quality Central web client (Nick). Listen Download
3:00 PM Cary Jensen (Jensen Data Systems Inc) Cary will discuss in-memory datasets (Win32/.NET) and database migration, as well as his training and consulting. Listen Download
4:00 PM Chris Bensen (Borland R&D) Chris will discuss ActiveX, COM, and COM+. Listen Download
4:30 PM Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) Ray will discuss DevExpress support for Delphi 2005 (Win32/.NET). Listen Download
4:45 PM Gent Hito (/n Software) Gent will discuss their support for Delphi 2005 (Win32/.NET), and their own experience with migration of components from version to version. Listen Download
5:00 PM Michael Li (InfoCan Management) Michael Li will share some of his first hand experience and tips from helping clients transitioning from Delphi Win32 to the new .NET platform. In addition, he will also share some of the strategies used in helping a specific customer in moving their Win32 client server application to ASP.NET while maximizing the reuse of both existing code and skills. Listen Download
6:00 PM Robert Love (Peak Business Solutions) Robert Love will discuss the BDN work that hes done in Delphi 2005. Listen Download
7:00 PM Randy Magruder ( Randy has been doing a pilot C# and ECO project using third party DevEx components for his church. During the day hes converting applications from VCL to VCL.NET. Listen Download
8:00 PM
Charlie Calvert and Lino Tadros (Falafel Software) Lino and Charlie will dicuss Falafels support for Delphi 2005, including training, consulting, customer stories. Listen Download
8:45 PM Ray Konopka (Raize Software) Ray will discuss component development for Win32 and.NET), as well as migration of components from one version to the next. Listen Download
9:30 PM Chee Wee Chua (Borland Singapore) Chee Wee will talk about his Productivity Experts plug-in for Delphi, his RSS reader (MyRSSReader), and how he does support for Borland. Listen Download
10:00 PM
Tim Jarvis (Borland Australia) and Dick Walker (Granite Solutions) Tim and Dick will discuss an ECO case study. Listen Download
11:00 PM

Michael Swindell (Borland Product Management)
Jason Vokes(Borland Product Line Manager, EMEA)
Malcolm Groves(Borland Product Line Manager, Asia Pacific)
Michael, Jason, and Malcolm along with David I, John and Anders will present closing comments summarize the 24 hours of Delphi, take final questions, and award some prizes. Listen Download

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