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By: Tim Del Chiaro

Abstract: More than 10 on-demand Web seminars to help you optimize your software delivery

Borland Web Seminars:

Software Change Management- the way it's meant to be!

NO MATTER what platforms or languages are at the heart of your development efforts,source control will always be a necessity. Fortunately, there are SCM solutions capable of handling the change and configuration management challenges facing today's distributed development teams.
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Higher quality with more control

All project leaders aspire to reduce the time to complete a project and still maintain a high level of quality. Directly relevant to higher quality and control is managing the requirements process with a clear, well-communicated definition of the business imperatives andpriorities. Learn how you can eliminate expensive rework and ensure clear understanding to keep requirements and implementation synchronized throughout the development lifecycle.
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Controlling deployment risk and cost

Are you one of many IT project leaders who finds that delivering software applications on time, within budget, and in line with customer expectations is virtually impossible? If so, this session will clearly outline three ways to reduce the risk of deployment delays and control production costs in order to maximize application availability and performance – from go-live to ROI.
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Introduction to the Borland Embedded Databases

This presentation describes the excellent embedded databases offered by Borland, InterBase® and JDataStore,™ the markets they are best suited to support and the factors that make these databases excellent choices for embedding in applications and for using in stand-alone applications for the small and medium enterprise.
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Taking J2EE™ performance management to the next level

Meet the challenge of achieving high-performance J2EE™ applications! Borland and Segue guide you through an effective approach to J2EE performance management that allows QA teams to isolate and resolve system-wide performance concerns with greater speed and accuracy than ever. By combining rigorous load testing with precise problem diagnosis, enterprises are empowered to deliver fast, reliable, and scalable J2EE applications.
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Planning for Java™ Performance - What tools to use when

Project leaders who are serious about performance know that you have to address it atevery step of the application life cycle. But that can be a tall order when the disparate too lseach address a small piece of the problem. This session details an integrated suite ofperformance tools that manages and analyzes application performance during development and pre-deployment and solves performance problems once in production.
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Make the Microsoft® .NET Framework Real - Enterprise Solutions for today!

Most enterprises feature a complex environment of multiple platforms, middleware and datastores. Adding .NET to the mix increases the cost and complexity of these systems. See an integrated set of open solutions for the implementation and deployment of .NET applications into real enterprise environments dominated by J2EE™ applications and CORBA® services.
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Introducing new Borland® Delphi™ 8 for the Microsoft® .NET Framework

Borland Delphi 8 for the .NET Framework provides an high- performance environment for building 100% compatible .NET managed code applications- leveraging all the powerful capabilities of .NET. In this Web seminar, we'll show you how Delphi 8 creates Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Web Services applications and gives you complete interoperability with other .NET languages such as C# and Microsoft® Visual Basic®. We'll also show how Delphi is a key part of the complete Borland solution for application development, from design, through development to profiling, deployment, and management.
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Simplifying Integration of the Microsoft® .NET Framework with J2EE™/CORBA®

How can you take advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework and still preserve your investments in J2EE and CORBA – all without significantly increasing IT costs, complexity, or time-to-market? The Borland solution is key. In this short presentation, we'll take a look at the major technology platforms, review the strengths and weaknesses of each architecture, and discuss the challenges and opportunities of making them all work together.
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Design-driven development with Borland® C#Builder™ for the Microsoft® .NET Framework

Delivering applications as originally planned, on time, and within budget can be the greatest challenge any development team faces. Now enterprise application development can be taken from concept to production faster with model-powered development and Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) visual design features. Learn how C#Builder enables smooth integration of the UML modeling environment, development, and runtime phases with Borland® Enterprise Core Objects (ECO™) to create a truly model-driven application design system for the Microsoft® .NET Framework.
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Delivering high-performance applications for the Microsoft® .NET Framework

Learn how to speed the development of high-performance .NET applications using Borland® C#Builder™ and Optimizeit™ Profiler for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Addressing performance issues early in the development cycle is critical to ensuring that applications meet speed, reliability and scalability requirements. See for yourself how to accelerate the development of .NET applications to deliver better software, faster.
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