Deploying J2EE Applications to BEA WebLogic on the HP NonStop Server Platform

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Using Borland JBuilder to deploy, debug, and administer J2EE applications on the HP NonStop server platform
This white paper explores the methods that can be used to develop J2EE applications within Borland JBuilder and to deploy these applications to BEA WebLogic server running on the HP NonStop server platform. This white paper discusses development and deployment strategies, configurations of the NonStop server platform, and general recommendations. It shows how to use JBuilder to: administer the WebLogic server; deploy, undeploy, and redeploy applications; and perform remote debugging. In these examples, the only tools used were JBuilder, a local installation of WebLogic server, and a Web browser.

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Published on: 9/14/2004 12:00:00 AM

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